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Topics - Raymond Benjamins

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Raymond Benjamins / Rescue Mission
« on: August 10, 2016, 06:50:07 am »
This sad world is due very soon to become the rare beneficiary of a Rescue Mission.  Such missions are accorded only to those planet-worlds that are deemed as virtually hopeless in its entrenchment in evil, wherein evil is out-of-control and in control, and wherein the good are rendered utterly powerless.

This Rescue Mission will rescue and deliver Urantia in every which way imaginable.  It will utterly rescue and deliver Urantia

from evil,
from violence,
from misery,
from weakness,
from hunger,
from poverty,
from disease,
from pestilence,
from deformity,
from injustice,
from cruelty,
from ignorance,
from confusion,
from deception,
from false teachers,
from heavy burdens,
from tyranny,
from contention,
from pain,
from isolation,
from natural catastrophes,
from the fear of death,
from hopelessness.

This Rescue Mission is necessary to prepare for Jesus Christ Michael, Sovereign of the Universe, a Church, a Bride, which is clean, united, spotless, and beautiful.

Under the Rescue Mission, evil and rebellion will be separated from them who wish to serve God in righteousness.  Under Jesus Christ, the hardened wicked will be vanquished and become His "footstool".

Raymond Benjamins / God
« on: June 11, 2016, 09:26:13 pm »
He who has God
has ALL that He has - -

all planets
all stars
all galaxies
all universes
all people
all nations
all knowledge
all mysteries
all love
all delight

« on: January 30, 2016, 02:36:51 pm »
Hmmm.....   LConover, Eventod, and Daniel are gone from the forum membership list. 
( ? ? ? ? ? )


Jan 31st - - Looks like Daniel and LConover came back on the membership list.
Welcome back.
It seems a grievous thing to me to lose prominent members of the forum.

Raymond Benjamins / Seventh-Day Adventists
« on: August 25, 2015, 08:13:27 am »
I thought it was interesting reading through yesterday's transmission on Ellen Gould White by Ron Besser, as I happen in fact to be deeply involved with the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Church since 2006, and even presently employed by them in one of their ministries.  I have not felt drawn to become one of their members because of my strong need to maintain liberty of spirit that would allow me to believe all that I know is true and decline from believing what I know is not true.

Although I do believe the SDA entertains and promotes doctrines that are neither true nor Biblically based, I find that the members of this church, by and large, do a fairly good job in living according to the priciples of charity laid down by Jesus Christ, far beyond most if not all other Christian denominations that I am aware of.  For one thing, these folks really believe in evangelism and outreach, whereas most other denominations plainly do not.  Consequently, I do feel comfortable, at home, and welcomed by this church.  (A couple of years ago, I was unceremoniously cast out of participating with the Southern Baptist Church allegedly for my Facebook activity favoring the Urantia Book.  These folks DO NOT reach out to other people, and I did not feel at home with them.)

Concerning the Second Advent of Christ, the SDA maintains that this will not happen until a "National Sunday Law" has been established, ensuing in the persecution of seventh-day Sabbath keepers.  Among their other pet doctrines are the scrupulous adherence to the keeping of the seventh-day Sabbath, the heavenly "Sanctuary" doctrine,  the post-death "sleep", and the vegan diet. 

I had read and studied much of Ellen White's writings, including her biography/autobiography; and this certainly left me convinced that she gave all her heart and soul to pleasing God in the best way she knew how.  Therefore I am delighted with having read in Ron's transmission that she was indirectly involved with bringing about our beloved Urantia Book.

I would have posted these thoughts in the serara forum next door but I am still banned from posting privileges there (for reasons unknown).

Namaste to all,
Raymond Benjamins

Raymond Benjamins / Worship
« on: June 23, 2015, 08:50:05 pm »
                 WHAT IS WORSHIP?

WORSHIP is lovingly adhering to a PERFECT BEING, with Whom one aspires to be in perfect unison, and relishing this virtual unity during every moment and at every step taken during the course of each day.

Raymond Benjamins / Zeal for Righteousness
« on: June 23, 2015, 07:11:11 pm »
Going through life is like playing a game of chess.

If ever you make a wrong and careless move with your piece, you cannot undo your move.  You are stuck with it and must bear the consequences.  A good chess player will be careful to the utmost to make every move with his pieces one that he will never regret and that he is sure will prove to be of benefit.

Just how do we know which move is truly the very best?  For life is full of decisions.  There is One Who knows which way is best.  He is exceedingly near to you and intent upon you.

Raymond Benjamins / The Religion of Hindu
« on: June 22, 2015, 06:25:32 am »

1)  Hinduism is so complex a religion with its any mega millions of details that a lifetime of study of all these details will not suffice to master all its manifold teachings and traditions.

2)  Of all the great many deities presented in the religion of Hinduism, not a single one has ever to the least degree actually openly evidenced Divinity, very much unlike the Personage of Jesus Christ, and the heavenly Father Whom He represents, Both of Whom have lavishly evidenced Themselves throughout history until this present day in the lives of them who love and seek after righteousness.

3)  To any novice in the study of Hinduism, this religion strikes one as uncomfortably bizarre, and apparently confined only to the land of India.  And it is worthy of note that its adherents have not sent and do not send missionaries throughout the world proclaiming the universal benefits of their religion or showing that it is superior to all the other professions of belief and worthy of being embraced and accepted by all men.

4)  The Urantia Book, although it has detailed an explicit account of the origins and essence of the religion of Hinduism, most certainly does not promote Hinduism as the one true religion and one that ought be universally and eternally embraced.

5)  The Religion of Hinduism stands in sharp contrast to the true and simple religion of the Universal Father, which dates back throughout the eternal ages, depicted as the religion of benevolence and is set forth by our Urantia Book as that religion which , when embraced by all men, will bring all intelligent beings into an eternal unity of loving fellowship and mutual service.

Raymond Benjamins / Concerning Islam
« on: June 21, 2015, 06:23:16 pm »
Among the best and most peace-abiding citizens on this earth are them who have once been Muslim, but by the grace and mercy of God have converted to the ways of peace and love taught by Jesus Christ, by the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  Such ones tend to be very open in their jubilation of having been graciously liberated from the cruel bondage of Islam.  Therefore it is good for us to entertain good hope that Muslims who exhibit just a modicum of good will could eventually join us as dear brethren in Jesus Christ.

                         (Taken from our TM archives)

Roxie: In my Urantia Book study group recently, we've been reading in the Jesus Papers about the baptism of Jesus, and then later how the followers of John continued with the baptism ritual. How important is that in your opinion? Iím not even sure of what comes out of the baptism experience that is helpful, since I have never been baptized. Could you discuss this, please?

MACHIVENTA: Certainly. I would be glad to. Baptism is an event. If you were baptized as an infant, then you do not remember that. It is in the minds of the parents and the witnesses that it becomes important, that they then take on the responsibility of your enculturation and your indoctrination into your base of your faith, those creedal documents and beliefs which support your religious life later on. Baptism from our perspective is not an important event "except" when it is consciously recognized by the individual who is being baptized as "becoming a new person." It is the identification that occurs within this event that is most important, that the individual has made a conscious intention to be baptized and for what purposes: to be baptized to carry on the creedal beliefs of the religion, or the beliefs of "becoming" as Jesus "became," to become a morontial being in this lifetime.

Oftentimes, this is attended with beliefs and thoughts and consciousness by the individual that they have a mystic relationship with God, that they have had a "God experience," a religious experience, which is transpersonal and which brings them into a new awareness of their being-ness. This is truly being baptized "in the spirit" that you have experienced the oneness of knowing God. Oftentimes, this is forgotten by the individual due to the social circumstances of the baptism, that the social activities overcomes this trans-formative inner experience of meeting and knowing God in the spirit. When it is forgotten and lost, it can be renewed in the future through a meditation and through "walking with God." Yes, baptism is important. It is important to us when it is important to you, that it not only signifies a transformation of your being, but that you have actually become a "new being" in the consciousness of the risen Christ.

Roxie: So, how does one become baptized if they don't belong to one of the churches or religious groups on Urantia?

MACHIVENTA: You can baptize yourself, my Dear. You simply invite your guardians, your Thought Adjuster and the midwayers to be with you, to open your mind mechanism to the presence and energy of the Christedness within you. Christedness is synonymous with a spiritual relationship with your Thought Adjuster. You can do this through a retreat of your own. You can do it on a retreat with other people with a similar purpose, but eventually it comes when you "come apart from others" in your consciousness. Even if you are with a group of people, you can come away in your consciousness to be alone and consecrated in your relationship with your Thought Adjuster.

Do you see what I am speaking of?

Roxie: Yes, that is very, very helpful to me. Thank you.

Raymond Benjamins / Why We Need a Magisterial Mission
« on: June 06, 2015, 06:26:23 am »
Man #1:  "What are the these day's two biggest problems in the world?"

Man #2:  "I don't know and I don't care!"

Man #1:  "You have answered my question correctly."

Raymond Benjamins / It's All About Love
« on: May 31, 2015, 07:35:46 am »
Has anyone pondered the significance of the parable found in Matthew 25:31-46, attributed to Jesus?  It is the parable of the Last Judgment wherein is depicted the separation of the whole human race into "sheep" and "goats".

What is it that differentiates the sheep from the goats?

The difference isn't doctrine.

The difference is charity.

Charity is kind.

Raymond Benjamins / I Love the Cosmos
« on: May 29, 2015, 06:17:17 pm »
Paradise is our goal.

He who is serious about Paradise will live as if he were already there.

We do not have the power to make ourselves righteous and fit for Paradise.

But we do have the power to desire and wish this upon ourselves, for it pleases the Father for us to aspire for His perfection.

Once we have desired in earnest to accomplish in us the perfection of the Father, God will do the rest.

It gives God our Father glory to fight our battles and accomplish marvels for us, lest we should have occasion to boast.

We owe our Heavenly Father EVERYTHING.

To Him be all glory, adoration, and praise !

Raymond Benjamins / Helpful Anecdotes from the Urantia Book
« on: May 24, 2015, 02:55:20 pm »
I believe the most significant, the most powerful, the most revolutionary portion of the Urantia Book to be that section dealing with the Thought Adjusters (pages 1176-1240; papers 107-112).  Herein, I believe, lies the solution to all the division and confusion amongst pious believers who seek the God of righteousness.

For it is not by the fallible guidance of human leadership that unity among men is to be achieved, nor by their fallible interpretation and understanding of the Bible, but by the infallible guidance of the Universal Father, the FIRST Source and Center, Himself, Who ministers to the very intimacy of our being in Fragment form, that we are directed to tread upon the sure way to union with the Divine, a blessed peaceful existence upon Urantia, and then personality survival.

He who chooses by his own free will to cherish and seek that which is in fact true will readily receive clear guidance from the Father Within.  He who deliberately disdains the truth and cherishes known falsehood, and with full conscientiousness gives himself over to evil ways, selfishness, and hatred, will find himself at some point bereft of the help from the Father (his Thought Adjuster) and left to his own resources.  Such a one will easily and readily descend into a state akin to barabarism, wherein he will despise all those who challenge his selfish and evil ways, and think of nothing but to make life miserable for others, to give himself the satisfaction of influencing and exercising power over others.  Such will face a veritable "hell" of sorts upon arriving at the First Mansion World, where he will be forced to look upon himself in the light of the pure love and truth of God, and thereupon experience an intolerable emotional interior torment because of all the misery he has caused others to suffer, all of which he will be made acutely aware in every painful detail.  Jesus taught that those who have given full consent to their iniquity (fully deliberate habitual sin) will most unlikely opt for personality survival, having become hardened in their heart.

But we who cherish the holy truths and salutary guidance issuing forth from our loving Father Within will regale in finally FUSING with Him, upon arriving at the whereabouts of the Fifth Mansion World, and we will become adorable in the aspect of the created Grand Universe.

Therefore I pray that all souls of good will, who cherish and seek after TRUTH, but are trapped in error, sin, and confusion, listen to the still small voice WITHIN, come to discover and devour the salutary teachings of the Urantia Book, and come to love the Father of ALL and the brotherhood of men.  It was precisely the mission of Jesus Christ Michael of Nebadon to so point to the Father through Him.  And we likewise beg all them who love evil and falsehood, to turn from their miseries and choose light, life, happiness, fruition of joy, altruistic love, transformation of character, the blotting out of all sin, and the secure hope of a heavenly ascension career that will end in Paradise and followed up with the glorious eternal career of the Trinity-embraced Finaliters.  Please choose wisely!  We want to see you and enjoy your company in the blessed hereafter.

Cordially submitted,
Raymond Benjamins

Raymond Benjamins / Biblical Quotes
« on: May 22, 2015, 08:12:55 am »
" Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment."

                  (1 Corinthians 1:10)

How does one achieve such unity within a congregation of devout believers in the way of righteousness?  By a congregate adoring and giving heed to the INTERIOR MINISTRY of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit -- the Father Fragment, the Spirit of Truth, and the Holy Spirit.  Such a community will find itself blessed with a membership whose participants deeply love, respect, value, and understand one another.  They constitute a veritable foretaste of the happy stages of Light and Life on the planet.

Raymond Benjamins / What's New?
« on: May 20, 2015, 06:26:36 am »
One sure way to prompt me to put out some fresh postings is by asking me questions.  I can't resist them.

I will therefore take this opportunity to reinstall a series of "Questions amd Answers" spawned by brethren from the other forum (mytml), hoping to find occasion to inspire and enlighten.

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