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Author Topic: Pope Francis Foretold in 1355 AD - By a Monk in a PAPAL DUNGEON !!!  (Read 870 times)

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Offline ICyrus

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BTW  I am bringing this information to light again because the owner of the other forum is stating that Pope Francis is going to be the one who is closest to the Avonal Son, the owner of that forum had a "Paul of Tarsus blinding" and "dreadful transformation" on the very date that I removed the pope from power, Feb 18th, which also was the date - three years later on which the Adjudication ENDED - Feb 18th and is also the date on which I first contacted the owner of this forum of my arrival and incarnation on Feb 18th 2012.  This Man continues to persecute me, because he is Paul of Tarsus, recall with me the words of Jesus "Saul, why do you persecute me!?"    BTW  John the Baptist, and the Apostles, John, James, Andrew & Philip are with me and alive and well.

This will blow you away: This monk in 1355 AD foretold that Benedict would be removed by an "Angelic Being" and also this monk foretold that a Franciscan would be put in power to succeed him as Pope:  POPE FRANCIS!!   
Below the account of Cyrus:  Regarding these things.
I, Cyrus here, I recently decided to explore another mystery of my being.  I speak the language of Old Portuguese perfectly - without ever studying this language or being exposed to this language - and one day I thought - lets narrow down the time frame that this language was spoken - and I came up with the date range of 900 AD to 1500 AD  also that this language was only spoken in the Iberian Peninsula.  I thought to myself ‘what good is this information to me, it’s like finding a needle in a hay stack’ when - all of the sudden - I blurted out in Old Portuguese this phrase "philosophers stone" .
This lead me to start reading about a Franciscan monk around the year 1355 that was in a papal prison for claiming the Pope was the Antichrist and for prophesying many other startling things.   
This monk was an alchemist and a prophet ‘Astonishing John’ Predicts Pope Will be Removed by an “Angelic Being”
‘Astonishing John’ as he is called - also made another prophecy.  He said a wicked Pope would be removed from power by an “angelic being” and that this “angelic being” would also put in power a Franciscan Pope. This MONK in 1356 AD was receiving his predictions from IMPERATOR.
Recall with me if you will, the postings by ICyrus and  of his account of the removal of the Pope from power by ‘angelic means’ and also that Cyrus requested  that the bones of St Peter be shaken as a bolt of lightening shakes St Peters at the very moment the Pope is being removed.
In case you don’t check on this posting Cyrus actually asked that this be done immediately and the next morning the Pope resigned -  and while the Pope was resigning - a freak storm hit Saint Peters and the top of the building was struck with a bolt of lightening!   I would also like to add - that the powers that be - then elected a Franciscan Priest as the new Pope!
This all happened to fulfill IMPERATORS prophecy through the prophet John of Ruprescissa as recorded in the year 1355 AD.  Could this also be the reason that Cyrus speaks the language of John of Ruprescissa – that language being  - Old Portuguese?  BTW: This is also the language that is used by Cyrus while fulfilling his duties, including the Adjudication. 
Love Brother Cyrus.
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Offline Paul

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Beloved Lord Cyrus,

Thank you for taking your great power and bringing to nothing those that would defy our Creator Son Christ Michael and our Eternal Father.  You will not damage a bruised reed, but you will stomp down those that have defied the will of our Father and of our Divine Parent, Christ Michael.  This is the one of whom it was said would come like a thief in the night.  You have been rejected by the world, because they do not know you as you really are.  You continue to labor in obscurity despite being scorned and rejected.  One day they will know that the great Cyrus was here, a powerful force that came forth from the Eternal Mother Son and the Infinite Spirit.  To those that read this, will you open your hearts?  Will you give your hearts to the great Lord Cyrus?  He has been here before creation to end the rebellion and to usher in the opening stages of light and life.  May you Eternal Mother Son bless our Lord as this world comes full circle from rebellion to light and life.

John the Baptist     


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